Amanda Parshall

Always curious about the big wide world, Amanda's passion for travel has led her to many far flung places, from the icy wilds of Antarctica to the iconic ruins of Easter Island, and countless places in between.  Amanda first discovered the Olympic Peninsula shortly after she moved to Seattle in 2002, and instantly fell in love with the overwhelming beauty in her own backyard.

She has spent the last 15 years exploring every corner of this beautiful region, and is deeply connected with the local community. With an obsession for travel planning and exploration, and over a decade in the expedition travel industry, Amanda is thrilled to share her experience, knowledge and passion for the unique Olympic Peninsula with others.

Ryan Parshall

A native to the Seattle area, Ryan grew up exploring the woods and submersing himself in nature. With a true passion for everything wild, Ryan is an authority on the outdoors. His adventurous spirit has led him to ambitious ventures, from kayaking the Baja Peninsula to climbing Mt. Rainier. After living in Seattle for many years, Ryan was yearning to get back to nature, and found the Olympic Peninsula to be the perfect respite. He is passionate about discovering what the region has to offer and has spent much of his time hiking, biking and kayaking his way around this amazing part of the world. With a background in graphic and architectural design, Ryan's artistic talents, as well as his personal explorations, guide the visual aspects of Rainshadow Escapes.